Jim Bunning’s Finest Hour In The Senate And If Democrats Don’t Like It, “Tough Sh*t”

by John Hawkins | March 1, 2010 2:38 am

Jim Bunning’s not running for reelection this year. His poll numbers were terrible, he couldn’t raise any money, and he was pressured into not running again, lest he lose a seat the GOP could easily retain. Honestly, it was the right call.

However, it’s still a shame because Jim Bunning had his finest moment as a United States Senator this week-end when he stood up for fiscal responsibility on the floor of the Senate this week-end[1]:

US Senator Jim Bunning (R) Kentucky has created a firestorm of controversy by single handedly stopping a $10 Billion bill that was a conglomeration of spending and extensions.

In after-hours session last Thursday, Bunning objected to the bill because there was no money to pay for the spending – thus adding to a record federal deficit. Bunning asked that the money be taken from unspent TARP funds; but, Democrats would not agree to any provision to fund the bill. Bunning stood fast; and, since there were few senators on the floor, Bunning’s objections stopped the bill. Within the bill, was a provision for extending unemployment and cobra benefits for those whose benefits expire Sunday, February 28. Bunning said that he supported the extension of benefits; but, not without a provision to pay for it.

Here are Bunning’s statements: “It seems to me people have not been listening, particularly the Senator from Illinois. He has been through two of these with the leader. He heard the arguments on both sides. Unfortunately, he has a one-side-only view of this situation. I have offered the same COBRA, flood insurance, unemployment insurance, Satellite Home Viewing Act, highway funding, SBA loans, small business provisions–I have offered to do the same thing for the same amount of time. The only difference I have, and some of my good friends from the other side of the aisle, is that I believe we should pay for it. There is a right over the last 3 years of the Democratically controlled Congress. We have run up $5 trillion in debt. There has to be a time to stop that.” (2/25/10)

“Well, we have tried to work this out with the majority, particularly after the pay-go vote last week. When 100 senators are for a bill and we can’t find $10 billion to pay for it, there’s something the matter, seriously the matter with this body.

When Democrats started bitterly complaining that Bunning wanted them to actually pay for this slew of goodies, know what Bunning reportedly said? “Tough sh*t.[2]” Good for him — and you know what? The GOP leadership in the Senate should each respectively reach down to that Ken-doll-like bare spot between their legs, grow a pair, and back him up.

“Oh, but John, this could turn into a real political issue if they did that! The Democrats could lie, and just claim Republicans opposed the package! Why, that could be politically risky!”

Guess what? The Democrats are ALWAYS going to lie about what the Republicans are doing! If the GOP uses that as an excuse, they’ll NEVER get anything done. At some point, you’ve got to stand in there, fight for what you believe, and come right back at the Democrats and the media when they lie about what you’re doing.

Bunning, with an assist from Bob Corker, is doing that. Good on ’em! They’re doing the right thing and more Republicans should follow their example.

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