McCain Outflanks Moonbat Messiah on the Left

by Dave Blount | February 25, 2010 12:20 pm

As the global warming farce collapses in ruins, with even a main perpetrator[1] confessing that there has been no warming over the last 15 years[2], and even the shameless Al Gore laying low, there are few dupes clueless enough to continue buying into the most expensive hoax in pseudoscientific history. John “Lettuce[3]” McCain — whose incomprehensible ascendency to the top of the GOP ticket in 2008 handed the presidency to the radical left — is just such a dupe. Amazingly, McLame is now attempting to out-moonbat Comrade Obama on global warming[4]:

Let me say to my colleagues, I am proud of my record on climate change. I have been all over the world, and I have seen climate change. I know it is real, and I will be glad to continue this debate with my colleagues and people who do not agree with that. I believe climate change is real.

McStain is upset that the Obamination Administration won’t do anything about the imaginary crisis except use it as a pretext to vastly expand government power and loot the American economy to the point of ruin with Tax & Charade. Credit where it’s due: at least the greedy criminals running the Democrat Party aren’t dumb enough to believe the hoax is real.

Meanwhile, Arizona airwaves are choked with ads trying to position McCain to the right of his conservative primary challenger, the great J.D. Hayworth. Sadly, establishment dinosaurs like Bill Bennett have been lining up behind the guy who wants amnesty for illegal aliens, government control of political speech, and totalitarian restrictions on all human activity in the name of a hoax that has been decisively debunked.

With 2008 over, this applies once again.

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