Wonkette: ZOMG!!!11!! PALIN HAS BOOBS!!1!!!!1!!eleventy!!!1

by Tabitha Hale | June 9, 2010 5:16 pm

Lots of proverbial ink has been spilled over Sarah Palin and the hypocrisy of the feminists regarding anything involving her. The scum of the blogosphere that is Wonkette published a piece[1] this morning, based on the oh-so-credible tweet of some random minion. The hot topic of the day: Did Palin get breat implants?

The fact that this story was a) written in the first place and b) picked up on by several feminist sites and other blogs is infuriating. It’s clearly not true. This is the photo they use as “evidence”


First of all, she’s got on a tee-shirt, and in the other 2 pics she has on a jacket. It’s all about the angle. The photo below was clearly taken the same day:


She’s always been curvy, and she happened to be wearing a shirt and was caught at an angle that enhanced her bust. Point? It’s a load of crap and totally baseless. So why am I covering it? Good question.

I had a long conversation with a male friend who didn’t understand why I would bother giving credibility to the slime that is Wonkette. I’m aware that they don’t have a thinking audience. I know that they don’t have influence and that no one takes them seriously. I understand my friend’s concern with giving a voice to this, and I considered letting it go.

The reason I chose to write about it was simple: The timing. I would have ignored this if it were any other day. Today, however, happens to be the day after Palin showed how much pull her primary endorsements really do have. Her (mostly female) candidates won across the country, the largest being the Carly Fiorina win in the California Senate race. Disagree with her or not, she has influence, and it’s foolish to pretend that she is anything but a force to be reckoned with politically.

If this were only on Wonkette’s site, I would never have seen it. I don’t exactly frequent there. However, the story picked up some legs. It’s been talked about by the Boston Herald[4], local news[5], and all kinds of leftwing blogs[6]. Not to mention the “feminists[7]” who claim that the question prompted “thoughtful discussion.” I picked it up initially via Jammie Wearing Fool[8].

The willingness to latch onto a complete load of crap like this is indicative of the real issue, which is that instead of acknowledging the power of Sarah Palin and launching serious attacks on, say, her grassroots cred after her establishment endorsements, they’d rather talk about her boobs. It’s demeaning. It’s offensive. It’s totally inappropriate.

I disagree with many conservatives regarding Sarah Palin as a future candidate, but I will defend her to the death when it comes to the way she’s treated in the media. And if another feminist comes to me whining about the fact that I embrace being put on a list acknowledging my appearance[9] while ignoring actual sexism, I will tell them to shove it. For you to have any credibility whatsoever as a feminist, you first need to step up and defend women… even the ones you don’t like.

Update: The response to this has been fascinating for me. The men have called me “Tabster” and told me not to write about it and the women have linked me. Thanks, Melissa[10].

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