4 Republican Senators to Watch on Health Care

Democrats in the Senate want their health care reform enacted as soon as possible. If these four Republicans go the way of the Ds–and that’s not an impossible scenario–the intrusive government takeover of the health care industry may happen before the August recess. The only way we can take action and attempt to have an impact on the decision of these four Republicans is to bombard the state and federal offices with phone calls, emails, faxes and–in some cases–Twitter messages. The Democrats may have their supermajority, but with the support of these 4 people, they may not even need it.

1. According to the Associated Press, Sen. Snowe “is seen as a key swing vote on health care. She was the committee’s only Republican who declined to go on record as opposing the public option.” In fact, she supports a public option, but–at least for now–says that it should happen a few years down the road. Without a little push from grassroots conservatives, who’s to say that a liberal push won’t inspire Snowe to embrace the immediate public option government takeover.

2. Sure, there are signs that Sen. Enzi will do the right thing on health care reform, but there is no guarantee. He has still expressed an interest in compromise and until we know exactly what that means, we can’t get too comfortable.

3. Sen. Grassley is in the same boat as Enzi. There have been promising signs that he will not be “hoodwinked,” but he’s also…cranky…when it comes to any reasonable questions:

4. Sen. Hatch is another one who could do the right thing (this press release is particularly reassuring), but he could probably use some calls and emails to encourage him on that path, considering he is a close friend of Sen. Kennedy. (I’m with CATO on the idea of creating reform as a tribute to Ted.)

You can find the state and federal office phone numbers for these 4 Republican senators on their websites. You can also visit TweetCongress to put on a little virtual pressure and support.

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