7 Ways To Spread Christianity For Easter Monday

Capitalism, conservatism, and Christianity are at the heart of America’s success and they’re always constantly under attack. On the political end, we’re fighting the good fight for conservatism and capitalism, but not enough people are digging in for Christianity. So, here are a few low key, low pressure ideas that anybody can do to help spread Christianity…

1) Invite your non-Christian friends to go to church with you.

2) When you achieve something of note, don’t be shy about thanking God for it.

3) When Christianity is insulted in your presence, at least let people know you don’t appreciate it.

4) Read books on Christianity that give you a better idea of how to answer questions about our faith.

5) Forward lists of Christian quotes, like these (here, here, here & here) around to your friends — including your non-Christian friends.

6) When you donate money to charity, try to focus as much as possible on giving to Christian organizations. The more good they do, the better Christianity looks.

7) Although all of us are far from perfect, the flesh is weak, and we are all hypocrites sometimes, do your best to set an example. If you’re a decent, happy, successful person, other people will want to learn how you’ve done it.

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