8 Stages Alert! Media Matters On Gift Gate, Plus Claims iPod Was Requested By Queen

2. Find some sort of moral equivalence or a story from 30 years ago saying a Conservative did something sort of similar.

It’s been quite some time since we had a good alert for The 8 Stages Of Liberal/Progressive Discussion When They Are Busted. Today we get a #2 (strangely, there was no whining about “why aren’t we discussing things that are more important?” Though, plenty of other libs whined in this manner)

I know, my head hurts too, reading the ‘coverage.‘ (I’m waiting for some reporter to combine the gift ‘story’ with a detailed description of what Michelle Obama was wearing when she gave the Queen of England the gift.)

Aside from the fact that key facts have been omitted by the press, the ‘story’ reeks of double standards because I don’t remember any detailed coverage of the gifts Bush gave dignitaries over the years. Plus, Obama is being mocked, in part, for being a narcissist by including some of his speeches on the Queen’s iPod. That’s why this part made us chuckle, from Politico:

OK, some good whining about the “coverage” of The Smartest President Evah!!!!! being a doofus. But, darn it all, this just ain’t nothing, especially consider what that dastardy doofus but so silver tongued he talked almost every Democrat into voting for the Iraq War, the Patriot Act (including Obama), and so many other things Bush did. So, the same author of the first ‘post’ at Media Matters, Eric Boehlert, had to write

When president Bush traveled to Mexico in February of 2001, marking his first foreign trip as POTUS, guess what gifts Bush gave to the family of Mexico President Vincente Fox? Keep in mind, Obama is being ridiculed today for giving the Queen of England an iPod that, among other things, included audio for some of his speeches. (i.e. Self-centered, much?!)

Well, here, according to a February 17, 2001 dispatch from the Forth Worth Star-Telegram, is what Bush gave his host [emphasis]:

After a few minutes of light conversation–Bush spoke English and Fox translated–Bush presented [Fox’s mother] with two gifts. The first, a glass frame from Neiman Marcus, contained a photo of Bush and wife, Laura, dressed in formal wear. The second gift was a dark green textile throw. [She] responded in English, saying ‘Thank you’ twice.

If your memory is that the press couldn’t have cared less about the gift exchange in 2001, you’re absolutely correct.

So the story doesn’t matter, but the Eric thought it important enough he had to find out what Booooosh did. And, look, I am not attempting to say that this whole iPod thing is a big story. It isn’t. It is a minor blip in what really does matter. But, it does highlight what a doofus Obama is, how he is incapable of observing diplomatic niceties and proprieties, apparently doesn’t consult the people who handle these kinds of matters, and is clueless on how to treat people properly. I’m not sure if he is just showing his neophyte status, or just doesn’t care because of his narcissistic state. I’d lean more towards the latter, seeing as how he had all those photos, videos, and audios of himself on the gift iPod. Which happened to be made in China, BTW

The Mahablog is also spinning like a top over this story that the “Right has worked itself into a frenzy about.” Kinda funny, since she works herself into a fine lather when discussing the EVIL Boooosh and his cooks.

As far as being requested,

In an April 1 article, the Politico reported that President Obama presented Queen Elizabeth II with “a personalized iPod,” and added, “The bestowing of the Royal iPod brought a cringe from one top etiquette expert, who said it confirmed that Obama hasn’t figured out presidential gift giving.” But while Politico staff writer Nia-Malika Henderson noted criticism of the gift by “etiquette expert” Anna Post of the Emily Post Institute, Henderson did not mention that the White House reportedly said Queen Elizabeth asked for the iPod that Obama gave her.

Reportedly. Furthermore, Media Matters is all of a sudden believing Fox News and a report from Major Garrett, with no link, that said that the Queen requested it, because she has a music only ipod, not a video ipod. And one from cBS News – again, no actual link, with Dingy Harry making the claim. Could we get an actual sourced report?

Is it a truly bad gift? No. The silly photos and vids of Obama are. But, he could have given something really classy to Her Royal Majesty, couldn’t he? Off the top of my head, perhaps a piece of the World Trade Center, to thank Britain for their support during our time of trouble.

Then we get Michelle Obama not curtsying to the Queen. It is actually correct protocol for her to not curtsy. And Barack, as head of State, should not bow (I wonder how that applies to some Oriental cultures who bow as a greeting, instead of shake hands?) So, why did he bow to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia? The gaffe master brings it on yet again, and, Michelle Malkin writes about her disgust with Bush holding hands with Saudi leaders

So I hope all the lefties who tore into Bush over his Saudi prostration will express equal disgust with President HopeAndChange’s literal bowing and scraping to King Abdullah.

Doubtful. They will do and say anything to protect their Messiah.

But, does this all matter? In a minor way. It just shows what a doofus Obama is. What really matters is the far far left agenda Obama and the Congressional Democrats are taking us on, with their unbelievably massive spending. On the bright side, they kept it down to only $3.53 trillion!

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