A Family Legacy?

Looking at the two highly visible Senate appointments of New York (Hillary’s seat) and Chicago (Obama’s seat), illustrates how the Democrat machine works. If Democrats could pick and choose their winning candidate without benefit of the people’s vote, this is what we would get. Caroline Kennedy or Andrew Cuomo for New York. Do the names sound familiar? Of course they do. They are Democratic royalty and the princess and the prince are fighting it out to get the Governor’s attention.

The Caroline Kennedy scenario (which is almost sure to happen) is laughable because of the hysterical left insisting that Sarah Palin was not qualified to be Vice President. Now that one of their own is truly hardly qualified to be a Senator, they have nothing but praise for her. It’s all about the star power bequeathed to Caroline and Andrew from their families.

As Victor Hanson perfectly points out:

Ms. Kennedy is about as undiverse as one could imagine. She was educated at exclusively private schools among those of her like race and class. Her financial security is due to either inheritance or marriage; there is no evidence of a self-employed stellar legal or business career. But there is plenty of evidence that Ms. Kennedy reflects the current Democratic Party’s obsession with celebrity and Hollywood-like imagery.

Yet someone like Palin, who came from a family much like you or I, completely middle class, is not considered good enough for the Democrats. Palin put herself through college because her family simply could not afford it. She proved her mettle and leadership qualities completely on her own all the way to being Governor of Alaska, and she is ridiculed by the Democrats. But someone like Caroline is held up as a standard of someone who can “fight” for the people. People whose lives she has never known or understood in her elite Democrat bubble.

The same can be said for the Chicago Senate seat (which is in limbo now obviously). But it easily could have gone to Jesse Jackson Jr. Another one who was bequeathed his star power. Hillary took her star power from her husband and we all can’t wait for Chelsea’s first run for office.

To be fair the same can be said of the Bush’s. Bush got the star power from his Dad, as did Jeb.

But enough is enough. We aren’t a Monarchy here. We don’t have dynasties (or at least we shouldn’t). These kind of leaders/politicians illustrate an incestuous political game that benefits only the families involved.

Enough with the Kennedy family, the Bush family, the Jackson family, the Clinton family, and the Cuomo Family.

There is nothing we can do about the New York appointment. But elections are about the voice of the people. Dynasties are not what America is about. It is about “we the people.” It would do us well to remember that.

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