A Follow-Up Post: Mitch McConnell’s Double Fail

A couple of weeks ago, I smacked around Mitch McConnell for the mediocrity of his YouTube Channel.

One of the reasons I was told the channel is so awful is that they hadn’t had time to promote it. Well, they’ve had time now and aside from a tragically dull welcome video which has 1,233 views because I encouraged people to watch it to see how bad it is, they still don’t have much going on.

The channel of our Republican Leader in the Senate now has 8 videos in it and aside from the aforementioned welcome video, the view totals range from 66 to 147 views.

Great job, Mitchie! Here’s McConnell’s latest: “Democrats’ Ledbetter Bill Is a Trial Lawyer Bailout”

I’m not sure exactly what McConnell was trying to accomplish there — perhaps he was trying to lull the Democrats into a coma, so they’d be too out of it to vote.

Unfortunately, his brilliant “strategery” failed because the Democrats managed to pay off their cronies in the trial lawyers’ union by passing the Ledbetter Bill. It made it through easily, 61-36, with Republicans crossing over to help get it over the finish line,

All four female GOP senators crossed over to support the Democratic measure: Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas; Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine; and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) also approved the legislation.

But, but, but…I thought Mitch McConnell’s backers have been insisting that he was a brilliant leader who could rally the troops to oppose bills like this?

Meanwhile, I was pointing out that a flip-flop wearing monkey could organize filibusters with 49 Republicans, but that didn’t mean much with the sort of margins we have this time around.

So, we have an impossibly dull, spineless, big government loving ball of mush running the show in the Senate and he can’t even do the one thing he was supposed to be good at: organizing Republicans to oppose Obama’s agenda.

God help us all.

PS: Kudos to Republican Dave Camp (R-MI), who, unlike Mitch McConnell, understands how to use video to his advantage. Courtesy of Right Wing Video, here’s Dave Camp slicing up an Obamacon over the stimulus package.

Incidentally, do you know how many views that video has so far? 83,921.

What do you know: we have a Republican who’s actually effectively using the new media to get his message out.

Is that because Dave Camp is incredibly charismatic in the video? No. Is it because it’s some sort of technical masterwork with brilliant special effects? No.

It’s because it’s short, it’s effective, it stands up for conservative principles, and Camp is actually opposing Obama’s socialistic policies unlike the legions of docile Republican pet hamsters who’re rolling over for Obama in the name of “bipartisanship” and “not being the party of ‘no.'”

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