A Human Jacuzzi of Stupid

This is a tiny tempest metaphorical of a much greater thing, that which is being batted back-and-forth, from sea to shining sea, right now. Rush Limbaugh on President Obama’s plan to re-make the United States into a dirty little European-style socialist mud-puddle enclave:

What is so strange about being honest in saying I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to restructure and reform this country so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation? Why would I want that to succeed?

That is, of course, a defense of the famous “I Hope He Fails” motif…but only to the extent it needs defending, which isn’t much.

Chris “I Feel A Tingle Up My Leg” Matthews on Limbaugh:

Before we break if you didn’t know better this past week, you’d think Rush Limbaugh was more important than the guys in Washington and women in Washington actually elected to do things. How many U.S. senators would invite the President of the United States to come to their home turf and debate them? Well two facts are clear about this human vat of vitriol. He relishes the attention and he sells anger as a weapon.
Limbaugh’s high-handed, melodramatic, off with their heads, oratory reminds me of those over-the-top movie villains. You know, the ones who issue ludicrous commands to snuff out the good guys, like James Bond’s arch nemesis who wanted the supremely confident Bond – gone.

Blogger Paco (hat tip: Malkin, who likes it, and I’m gonna have to go ahead and agree there), on Tingle-Leg Matthews:

Chris Matthews: A Human Jacuzzi of Stupid

Or a human hot tub of frothy Obama-Love…

It’s my understanding the clip that Jacuzzi-Matthews played to illustrate his tingly point, was one of notorious Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld feeding someone to his piranhas, and I guess that someone would be the gorgeous Helga Brandt.

Well, I’m not quite understanding the point. I’ve been getting into it here-and-there with the Obamatons, some of whom, believe it or not, aren’t quite willing to admit yet that maybe there was a downside to the decision last November to put the substitute-Jesus in the White House…even with all the flawed appointments, the market tanking, the snobbery, the attitude, the list goes on and on and on.

They — well, some of ’em — are still marching in lock-step, demanding unanimity. And I guess the explanation lies in this connection Matthews has made, a connection that, in my mind, has not yet been made complete. Limbaugh advances the argument that the sitting President has a plan in mind, a plan that logical people who love the country should want to oppose. Not music to your ears if you’re a supporter, but hey, that is the essence of loyal dissent isn’t it? And this is vitriol; it is equated to dunking a someone into a tank full of man-eating piranhas.

Until someone can explain that to me in a way that makes some measure of sense — and I doubt they can — in my mind, that is a psychosis. It’s worse than failing to come to grips with a mistake you’ve made and thereby standing guilty of two mistakes — although that’s an important component to what is going on here. As I wrote in my own pages lately

Just realized something about these folks. You’d think, as much attention as I’m forced to pay to them, and as much attention as I continue to pay to them when I’m no longer forced to, there would eventually be a point of complete saturation. But it would seem if I am indeed bright enough to reach that point, it’s taking me awhile to get there.

They don’t give a rat’s a*s what policies are implemented. The One could invade Iran tomorrow at noon, and Planet Obamafan would be erupting into a standing ovation.

They don’t care about what consequences, good or bad, result from the policies. Dow is tumbling, as Buck points out — is it alright with them if the rest of us notice it? NO! We should look the other way.

So they don’t care about the goals, they don’t care about the methods implemented to reach the goals…it logically follows, any one point between those two ends, likewise, they don’t care about it.

They care about who’s running things. Obama won, they say, and He won by something decisive. Therefore, let’s all get behind Him…the important thing is to be unified.

If it was a valid claim that The One was victorious to some extent that equates to virtual unanimity, it would be a silly, useless and redundant exercise to dish out instructions to show some sense of unity that is already there. But the real point here, is, these people do not want the economy fixed. They just want everyone to be on the same page — that is how they do their thinking, through a process of sanitization. They’re exercising a gut-instinct…seek out whoever might be from a rival village, and “fix” the situation until there are no rival villages. How they really intend to do that fixing, perhaps if they thought that through a little bit more, made some commitments to what they are & are not willing to do, they’d be a little bit less frightening.

Perhaps they do that fixing in some way that involves piranhas. Who’s looking like a Bond villain now?

Unfortunately, this mindset is going to end up identifying as an enemy, anyone who thinks logically. Obama stumps for, and then signs, a stimulus. In so doing, He creates an Obama Doctrine that is diametrically opposed to the Will Rogers Doctrine of “When you find yourself in a hole, the first step is to stop digging.” According to Obama’s one and only true accomplishment thus far in His term, when the economy is sucking large and there’s no money in the piggy bank, the thing to do is to spend what you don’t have and make sure you spend it reeeeeeaaaalll big. And when people aren’t feeling confident as potential investors or as potential consumers, when they have the impression they need to hang on to every little dollar bill they’ve got, and this is what’s dragging the economy down…tax the living h*ll outta them. Oh yeah, I know, 250k and above, 95 percent, and all that.

Point is, I don’t think opposing that automatically makes you vitriolic. Maybe I’m biased in saying that. As I said above already, I’m looking to someone else to explain to me how the connection is made, and I’m doubting like the dickens that anyone, anywhere, truly comprehends it so they could do the explaining. But I do know Matthews’ opinion is important here, probably more important than mine, in that he speaks on behalf of so many others. You’re supposed to march in lockstep with The One, or else you’re a nasty person.

So that “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” stuff went sailing out the window on January 20. But hey, if you’ve been paying attention, you know that already.

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