A Little Help Here

A Little Help Here: Four things…

1) I’m planning to put together a list of annoying celebrity quotes since 9/11. That includes American & maybe even foreign celebrities. If you have any that you think should be included, feel to put them in the comments section.

2) You see the slogan on the RWN banner, “Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American way?” Well, I am working on a little PHP includes script that will rotate banners so I can have roughly 20 slogans, one which will come up each time you refresh the page. If you have any slogan suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments section as well.

3) I have another advertiser — Kimberly Swygert’s Number 2 Pencil is on board with us. Make sure to give her page a look.

4) Last but not least, we currently have 3 open advertising slots for the month of March. If you’d like to have an 88×31 button in the support section that links to your website, simply deposit $10 in my paypal account (also in the support section) and send me a 2kb or less button via email. That’s not so bad for a full month of advertising on a website that’s averaging just over 4,000 daily uniques per day in March. Of course, I reserve the right to reject any advertisers, etc, etc, pretend that there is a lot of long, boring, legal stuff in small type here.

***Update***: Since I have this post up, I thought it would be a convenient place to brag. Yes, I had the interview up with Mona Charen on Monday & O’Reilly interviewed her tonight. When I’m pulling off the same guest list as O’Reilly, that’s not too shabby…

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