A Short, Completely Off-Topic Post About Sarah Silverman

As I was perusing the MailOnline today, I was surprised to see them refer to Sarah Silverman as, and I quote, ‘the funniest woman alive.’

I was not, however, surprised to read this,

She bombed as a guest on Jonathan Ross’s show on Friday night and now Sarah Silverman has flopped on stage too.

Here’s the thing: Sarah Silverman isn’t actually funny at all. She’s extremely attractive, she’s kind of dirty, and she says a lot of outrageous things — in other words, she’s the sort of girl a lot of guys would like to have as a girlfriend — and she has managed to parlay that into a TV show and a career.

Sarah Silverman

However, what she’s not is funny or particularly talented in her field. The average opener at a comedy club, you know, the sort of person who started comedy a few months earlier and couldn’t get an appearance on the Colbert Show if she were willing to pay half a million dollars for the privilege can get more laughs than Sarah Silverman. Heck, I’d go so far as to say that Sarah Silverman wouldn’t be able to cut it as an opener at a comedy club if she wasn’t gorgeous.

PS: In all fairness, I’d at least give her credit for being more hilarious than Steven Wright; so it’s not as if only hot women can make it in comedy without being funny.

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