A Short, Obligatory Comment On The Tedisco Vs. Murphy Race In NY-20

Last night, there was a special election to replace Kirsten Gillibrand (D) in New York’s Congressional 20th district. Both sides poured a lot of resources into the race and Barack Obama did everything short of showing up personally to help Murphy win.

The result? Murphy was ahead at the end of the night by 69 votes, but with more than 10,000 military/absentee votes that won’t be counted until April 13, it’s nearly impossible to know who’s going to win at this point.

The liberal spin on this is that because it’s a Republican leaning district, this is a win for Democrats, even if Murphy ultimately loses. Not so.

I’m in agreement with the commentary from JammieWearingFool on this matter,

The Democrat machine threw everything they had into this election and with these results it doesn’t appear there’s much if anything to be celebrating if they manage to narrowly keep the seat vacated by Kirsten Gillibrand.

All sorts of reaction here. The left-leaning media and blogs are declaring it a huge defeat for the GOP. Considering it was their seat they were defending and Obama apparently has no coattails, that’s some unique spin. But what do you expect from these people?

Gillibrand won by 24 points in November. If Murphy wins it’ll be by the skin of his teeth. And that’s supposed to be an ominous sign for the GOP? I’d say it’s more a reflection that Obama and the national Democrats may have some problems come the midterms.

One of two things is going to happen. Murphy is either going to barely hold on to a seat the Dems won by 24 points a little over four months ago or Tedisco is going to win and then the Democrats will try to steal the seat in court (That’s just how it works with these guys).

Either way, that kind of drop off is probably an early indication that Obama’s agenda is causing the Democratic Party to hemorrhage support. How that will hold up going into November of next year in unknown, but that race should send a chill down the spine of Democrats.

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