A Tribute To Saddam

A Tribute To Saddam: If all goes well (my fingers are crossed) Saddam will be introduced to the business end of a cruise missile within the next 45 days or so. That’s why RWN has decided to go ahead and get our “tribute to Saddam” in now, before he actually dies and everyone is cheering like 12 year old girls at an NSYNC concert over his demise. So here are a few articles we here at RWN have put up over time that mention Saddam…

The Translation Guide For Middle Eastern Dictators

Iraq To Allow Weapons Inspectors Back Unconditionally, With The Following Conditions

George W. Bush: ‘No Decision Has Been Made About Iraq’

The First ‘Axis of Evil’ Joint Press Conference Degenerates Into Squabbling

Interview: Saddam Hussein

A Message To The World From The Us Ambassador Of Whoop Ass

The Puppy-Oil Cannon

Special Bonus articles…

This one was written before we actually started bombing Afghanistan and it still holds up fairly well…

The War On Terrorism: Where Do Nations Stand?

Anybody remember “Operation Infinite Justice?” It’s still “Infinite Justice” as far as I’m concerned…

The Top 10 Worst Replacement Names for Operation Infinite Justice — Part 1

The Top 10 Worst Replacement Names For Operation Infinite Justice Part 2

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