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Many of us have a romantic vision of journalists who dig up information on government corruption. Sadly, that perception has not been the reality over the last decade. Now, as many of you have already read from the Drudge Report, ABC will be giving the Obama administration proxy control over ABC broadcasting. I’m not sure if our Founders were concerned about the government abridging freedom of the press if the press would voluntarily allow the government to micromanage the message.

Worse yet, on June 24th, the Obama Administration will be pushing the total destruction of our healthcare industry. In essence, it will be a sham debate about the future direction of healthcare, with no real opposition voices being heard. Of course, the cost to broadcast this infomercial will simply be passed on to the taxpayers. Isn’t that brilliant?

So, money is going to be taken out of the taxpayers’ pockets to allow Obama to have a partial takeover of a news network. Stalin would be proud.

During that time, the public will be propagandized toward supporting Universal Healthcare. (As an aside, any economist will tell you that private companies will not be able to compete with government care, so the ultimate result will be total socialized medicine). Sadly, few citizens will complain about the government / private collaboration of the News Media. In fact, you probably won’t hear a word from any of the other networks. It’ll hurt their chances of being the next to collaborate with “The One.”

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Only in Obama’s America.

Below is an old video I made regarding the Leftwing blogs and the mainstream media.

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