Abortion Ads On TV. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Don’t let Obama and the Democrats see this story. They and NARAL, that abortion pushing group which never mentions abortion, will be all over this like tax evasion and Obama candidates

Organizations that provide abortion advice and referrals could run TV and radio ads in Britain for the first time under proposed changes to the nation’s advertising codes.

Committees charged with writing Britain’s advertising rules announced the proposal Thursday. The change, part of a broader review of advertising rules, is subject to public review and the approval of a broadcasting regulator.

Let’s see if the British public has the common sense to put an end to this insanity. But, you know they are “doing it for the children,” along with proposed advertisement of condoms

Relaxing the rules governing condom ads is intended to reduce Britain’s teen-pregnancy rate. Last month, a report said that teen-pregnancy rates in England and Wales rose the first time in five years.

Well, if teens are getting abortions from places they saw on TV (including channels owned solely by the British government,) then, I supposed, the pregnancy rate would go down.

But Ann Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which provides abortion services, said the changes would help women.

“Why would we not want women to be able to know quickly and simply where they can get pregnancy testing help and referral for abortion treatment or ante-natal care, depending on what they decide?” she said.

Read into that whatever you want, but, the base meaning is “hey, let’s expand abortions for all!”

Finally, the story gets really strange

Groups that offer pregnancy-related services but don’t discuss abortion would also be allowed to advertise — but they would have to spell out that the advice they provide excludes abortion-related information, to avoid confusion.

In a sane world, it would be the abortion provider services that would have to spell out that they are providing abortion-related information….well, in a sane world, no one would contemplate having abortion commercials on TV.

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