ACORN Registers Mickey Mouse

ACORN has registered Mickey Mouse to vote — in Orlando, of course. Here’s the registration application:


As reported by the St. Petersburg Times, it is “stamped with the logo of the nonprofit group ACORN.”

What a coincidence: the Obama campaign furtively paid this same group $800,000 to get out the vote, presumably by using tactics ACORN activists were taught by Obama himself, who also took part in ACORN’s contribution to the subprime disaster by forcing banks to make loans based on skin color.

Even ACORN goons are probably smart enough to come up with more subtle names than Mickey Mouse or the lineup for the Dallas Cowboys. But why should they bother? It’s not like Obama will be taken to task for it. Just chalk it up to the Audacity of Arrogance.

Read Rick Moran‘s latest to get an idea of what the blatant cheating Democrats have been indulging in could mean for the future of our democracy if the election is close — as it probably will be.

On tips from Frank W and Beef. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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