Adoption Ads on Pervert Page

With this I can rest my case against the obscenity known as homosexual adoption:, a joint project of the City of San Francisco’s Human Services Agency and Family Builders by Adoption is advertising for adoptive parents on the “Mister Marcus” page of San Francisco’s Bay Area Reporter website. The Reporter’s front page motto is “Serving the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community since 1971.”

“Mister Marcus” publishes a weekly column in the Reporter which covers and publicizes upcoming “leather” events. Examples include: “A weekend of bdsm activity and featuring NW Master and slave contest on Sat. night” (July 2, 2009) and “Hell Hole Fisting Party tonight upstairs at Mister S playroom from 2000 to 0200 next morning” (April 16, 2009).

BDSM means bondage/discipline/sadomasochism. Let’s not get into what fisting means.

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The rotating ad, which features two men and a little boy, includes the text “We never knew how PROUD we could be until we adopted Ben.” As the ads rotate, the AdoptionSF ad is juxtaposed with ads for the “Healthy Penis Campaign,” also a city of San Francisco-funded effort, which is captioned “I get checked for syphilis every 3-6 months”; an ad for, “San Francisco’s acclaimed 18+ sex club for gay and bisexual men”, captioned “Bedroom Eyes” and which features a graphic of two men in towels embracing; an ad for the Reporter’s online classifieds page (on which the Adoption.sf ad also appears), which features a photo of a nearly naked man, and is captioned “Check out models and escorts in our new and improved classifieds! More photos and videos! Click here.”

“Escorts” means homosexual prostitutes.

This puts it mildly:

A publicly-funded online ad campaign for adoptive parents targeted at men who frequent s/m events seems irresponsible.

For anyone clueless enough not to understand why, here’s an example:

On June 29, WRAL TV of Raleigh-Durham, NC, reported on the case of Frank Lombard. Lombard, the associate director of the Center for Health Policy at Duke University, is an openly homosexual “partnered” man, who had adopted two African-American children. He was arrested on June 24 for sexually abusing one of the adopted children, a five-year-old boy, and for offering the child online to be abused by other men. WRAL published part of the transcript of the online chat sting operation that netted Lombard: “In the chat transcript ‘F.L.’ is asked how he got access to a child so young. ‘Adopted,’ he replied, and said that the process was ‘not so hard … esp (sic) for a black boy.'”

Naturally anything this sick would have to be supported by tax dollars.

The AdoptionSF website describes the organization as “a collaboration between San Francisco Human Services Agency and Family Builders.” The contract between the city and Family Builders specifies the use of state and local taxpayer dollars for the purpose of “Increasing the number of children adopted by Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) adults.”

You read that correctly. The government not just of Pelosiland but of the state of California is going out of its way to encourage adoption by homosexuals, and paying for it with money expropriated from its overtaxed citizens.

To get a better idea of what this exercise in social engineering is subjecting innocent children to, check out Zombie’s coverage of the Folsom Street Fair and Up Your Alley. If this is how the San Francisco homosexual community behaves on the street in broad daylight, imagine what these kids see and are probably forced to participate in behind closed doors.

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