Advice For Sarah Palin

Camille Paglia wrote a nice piece today about Sarah Palin. Worth reading. It got me to thinking. Especially this part, which I whole-heartedly agree with:

What certainly was blameworthy was the chaotic and rushed statement itself. Something so politically consequential needed more careful composition and rehearsal. Why provide more fodder for the vultures and harpies of the Northeastern media?

That was my beef. Good grief, the speech was rambling. If you’re going to make a controversial decision, do it on a symbolic day, pick a majestic setting, manage to keep the message cloaked in mystery, the speech better be a scorcher, written with Peggy Noonanish sweeping grandeur (before she swooned for Obama). But it wasn’t. It was rambling, incoherent and I was wondering to myself who cares about Alaska’s beautiful resources?

Do I think Sarah Palin is done? Hardly. She has more political capital to burn than exists in the whole of the Capital all together. Add in every other presidential contender male or female, and together they still don’t have as much political capital as Sarah Palin. And they all know it and they fear.

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But Sarah Palin has to be better than this. Camille is right about surrounding herself with staff. So, here’s my advice for Sarah Palin:

1. Earn a lot of money giving speeches.
2. Get a speech writer.
3. Get a chief of staff so you don’t look like you’re flying by the seat of your skirt.
4. Hire people who know DC.
5. Find your version of Karl Rove.
6. Find your version of Karen Hughes.
7. Let the little people respond to the increasingly irrelevant defamation. The attacks strengthen you.
8. Get a good ghost writer for your book and take a vacation.
9. Spend some time learning about world history/world events.
10. Create a media machine like unto Obama’s.

P.S. Don’t hire Kathleen Parker. She’s grumpy.


Hey guys, I think Sarah can maintain her Sarahness and have a more efficient support team. She doesn’t have to get slick or turn into the human version of processed cheese. But she will never have a chance if she doesn’t understand the system she wants to change.

And the only reason I’m saying this here and not the comments is because I still can’t use the dag blasted comments. Won’t let me log in as a commenter. Argh!

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