Afghanistan, Arrogant Independents, Alcohol Taxes and Alpha Males

Steve Schippert of Threats Watch joined me for a furious segment about American policy in Afghanistan. Also, is President Obama a foreign policy genius? General Jim Jones thinks so. Steve has a quibble with that take. This is a must-listen to take on America’s place in the world.

It’s super popular these days to call oneself a political Independent. I call bull sh*t. Here’s a bit from my American Issues Project column on the subject:

Where Barlett differs from Beck is action. Where Glenn Beck encourages Americans to get involved, and he himself has supported Tea Parties, traveled the country and done his own forms of protesting and paid for it, Barlett sits in his easy chair playing Monday Morning Quarterback to….everybody.

That’s the new cool: hating everyone.

I, myself, have written about the pathetic political class. It’s patently obvious that D.C. is insular, out-of-touch and entitled. They feel more like lording over than representing. The power equation is reversed. However, I’ve also attended, reported from and painted signs for Tea Parties. In addition, there is no question in my mind that the road to salvation for America won’t be through a third party–a political porn fantasy for many Ron Paulian Republicans and other independents. The solution is to change the Republican party. The only way to do that is to change it from within by action.

Also, today in Illinois, alcohol taxes increase by 90%. Hmmmm…. I wonder what those fine citizens will do.

Finally, are Alpha Males a beast that’s nearly extinct? Maybe. That doesn’t seem like a good thing. More on that later, but it’s talked about in the podcast.


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