AGW Stupidity: Vilsack Blames Trees Dying On Climate Change

An AGW promoter driving down Scaremonger Lane? The hell you say!

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack defended efforts by the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress to pass climate change legislation, saying: “I start from the proposition that climate change is real. I know some disagree.”

In an appearance Wednesday at the Iowa State Fair, Vilsack said the rest of the world is looking for leadership from the United States on climate change.

“I wish I could take opponents of climate change legislation to Colorado,” he said. “There the forests are dying because of climate change. People go there to be photographed in front of beautiful forests, which in a few years won’t be there.”

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Say, Tommy boy, do you have any proof of that? Because I have proof that it isn’t. Ever heard of the Pine Beetle, Tommy? Perhaps you should look them up with that Google thing. Because they are ravaging the Colorado forests. And we know how liberals feel about spraying pesticides. And chopping down trees.

And, know what else is creating a problem? The forests are “sick” due to hard left environmentalists and Democrat lawmakers refusing to allow burn offs and reduction of old, sick trees, something that nature would typically take care of, but, is being stopped.

Furthermore, spruce budworms are also on the march, killing off spruce. No burning, no pesticides, no culling. Bummer.

Certainly, the beetles and budworms are spreading faster because of warmer temps, but, hey, that is nature. And, about the only way to kill them off would be a resurgence of the Little Ice Age. Which some say is coming.

Elsewhere, your funny CO2 story of the day by theblogprof: Earth blows a big fart, global warming alarmists run for cover! Most relevant portion

Just to put things in perspective with regard to CO2, it is a scientific fact that all known greenhouse gases comprise only about 3% of our atmosphere. Out of all the greenhouse gases, water vapor is more than 90% of that 3%, while CO2 is is only about 4% of that. Out of all the CO2, 96% is produced naturally, while only 4% is man-made. So mankind is responsible for only 4% of CO2, which is only 4% of greenhouse gases, which are only 3% of our atmosphere. So 4% of 4% of 3% is… well – not much.

The rest is about methane, a gas the Climahysterics tend to avoid, and one which is actually produced in vast quantities from agriculture, something mentioned in the IPCC reports without mentioning the word “methane.” Cow farts.

Meanwhile, yet another UN IPCC scientist says the CO2 scare is full of mule fritters.

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