AGW Today: Dead Last, Hoarding Light Bulbs, And Hearing AGW

Q. 15 Now, I am going to read you a list of concerns people have. Please tell me which ONE of these you the President and Congress should be paying the most attention to

Dead last. And this poll came from NPR, not usually known for their ne0-con leanings, Climahysterics! (via Tom Nelson)

A view of the near future in the US if the climahysteric legislation passes

The staggered phase out of energy-wasting light bulbs begins on Sept. 1 in Germany. The unpopularity of the energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs that will replace them is leading consumers and retailers to start hoarding the traditional bulbs.

Personally, I used to like CFLs. Sure, they were more expensive, but, they lasted so long and used less energy, as well as putting out less heat (important here in the South), making them well worth it. Nowadays, they last about the same length of time as a normal bulb, so, I switched, and continue to switch, back to regular bulbs. Still have a few CFLs left to burn through. Expect hoarding here. I can’t imagine trying to replace the nice large round lights I have over the sinks in my bathrooms with ugly CFLs. I would have to purchase whole new fixtures.

And now, for the penultimate AGW stupidity of the day. It is a bit old, from May 2009, but, Climate Depot ran across it, thought it was interesting

A new study has determined that it’s now possible to hear the rise of global warming, in the form of more larger and more intense storms, which are signs of climate change.

For decades, seismologists have been filtering out the sounds of massive, storm-driven ocean waves crashing into coastlines. The pesky noise was getting in the way of earthquake detection.

According to a report in National Geographic News, but now, some experts are electronically filtering out the quakes, and turning up the volume on the storm waves.

Right. All those massive storms. Say, let’s check the National Hurricane Center……..woah! No activity in the Atlantic. One potential in the near Pacific. There has been a wopping one tropical depression in the Atlantic this hurricane season. No named storms. Granted, we have a long way to go, as the season runs through November 30th. But, if the AGW Believers are correct in that AGW causes more storms, where are they? Even tornado’s have been fewer and less powerful this year.

I bet they will find a way to blame it on Mankind’s use of SUVs, too.

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