AGW Today: India Says No To Emissions Cuts

I guess they just want to kill Gaia, or something. India Rejects Calls For Emission Cuts: Officials Say Growth Will Be Compromised

Days after the Obama administration unveiled a push to combat climate change, Indian officials said it was unlikely to prompt them to agree to binding emission cuts, a position among emerging economies that many say derails effective action.

“If the question is whether India will take on binding emission reduction commitments, the answer is no. It is morally wrong for us to agree to reduce when 40 percent of Indians do not have access to electricity,” said a member of the Indian delegation to the recently concluded U.N. conference in Bonn, Germany, which is a prelude to a Copenhagen summit in December on climate change. “Of course, everybody wants to go solar, but costs are very, very high.”

In other words, India is more concerned with increasing the living standards of their own people then signing on to any commitments that will have little to no affect on the proported anthropogenic global warming, but will cost lots and lots of money, increase unemployment, and reduce standards of living.

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Believers are having a tough time arguing this one.

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