AGW Today: Join In The Newest Craze-Smart Car Dunking

Alright, not everyone buys a smart car because they are one of the .5% of AGW believers who are actually walking the talk, rather than just yammering on about concensus and awareness. They might make sense for someone who pretty much just lives and drives with a confined city, someplace like New York City or London. But, I just can’t see paying $15,000 to $20,000 for a micro-mobile death trap, when I could get a scooter, moped, or motorcyle for less then $5K. Couldn’t even fit a surfboard in a smart car.

Anyhow, apparently, smart cars are giving some folks in Amsterdam some excercise and fun

SMART car owners have been left Smarting over a new craze — for chucking their motors into canals.

Dutch pranksters in Amsterdam have dumped dozens of the tiny two-seater cars into the city’s waterways.

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And now police fear the bizarre trend will spread to the UK and the rest of Europe.

Eco-friendly Smart cars are small enough to be picked up by just a few people and dumped into the Dutch capital’s canals, reports De Telegraaf newspaper.

The police are telling people not to talk about it, lest it become an even bigger craze. So, please, don’t do it! Snort.

In other AGW news

We now return you to your regularly scheduled cool summer.

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