All Of A Sudden, The Left “Loves” Christianity

Get a load of this claptrap

Randy Brinson, a conservative political consultant in Alabama, has been fielding anxious calls for weeks from business interests across the South.

Their concern is massive ad blitz on Christian and country-music stations across 10 states. The ads, funded by a left-leaning coalition, urge support for congressional legislation to curb greenhouse-gas emissions — by framing the issue as an urgent matter of Biblical morality.

“As our seas rise, crops wither and rivers run dry, God’s creation cries out for relief,” begins one ad, narrated by an evangelical megachurch pastor. Another opens with a reference to the Gospel of John, slams energy interests for fighting the bill, and concludes: “Please join the faithful in speaking out against the powerful.” (snip)

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Emboldened by what they see as a kindred spirit in the White House, progressive and liberal Christians are stepping up their political activism in a big way.

A religious coalition called the American Values Network spent nearly $200,000 placing the global warming ads. Some political analysts credit the campaign with boosting support for the Waxman-Markey climate bill, which narrowly passed the House last week.

During the past 8 years, the Left’s assualt on Christianity grew to record levels, particularly because George W. Bush was a Born Again Christian. Now that they have their own Born Again Christian in the White House, they are all for using Christianity to achieve their goals. And, as the article points out, there are even more ad campaigns coming. Of course, the hard left will just use their Leftist Christians (not sure how you can be a Christian when you believe in the primacy of abortion on demand) as yet another group to abuse and then ignore.

Interestingly, I wonder how much good $200k could do if it was put into humanitarian relief efforts here in the USA, rather than an ad campaign over a fake issue?

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