Al-Queda Accidentally Confirms That Bin Laden Is Dead

Al-Queda Accidentally Confirms That Bin Laden Is Dead: Na, na, na, na — na, na, na, na — hey, hey, hey, hey — goodbye….

“A SLIP of the tongue by one of Osama bin Laden’s top henchmen seems to have betrayed al-Qaeda’s most potent secret: its charismatic leader is dead. The blunder was made by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who has confessed to being the operational mastermind behind the September 11 attacks. He made his mistake while disclosing many of the secrets behind the atrocities, which were plotted in Kandahar, the religious extremist Taleban movement’s Afghan spiritual home.

…During two days of interviews, Mr Mohammed referred to bin Laden, who has not been seen since the fall of Afghanistan’s Taleban regime, in the past tense. The reporter Yosri Fouda, London bureau chief for al-Jazeera, concluded that bin Laden is now likely to be dead. Mr Mohammed’s slip of the tongue about bin Laden’s demise was a serious lapse. Throughout their discussions with the reporter, al-Qaeda operatives persistently sought to suggest that their leader was still alive, well and keenly following events.”

The last time we can confirm that Bin Laden was definitely alive? December, 2001 right before we bombed the holy hell out of the area he was in. Since then Osama dropped right off the map. This is just one more piece of evidence that suggests that he was blown into unidentifiable chunks at Tora Bora by a US bomb.

Link Via Tim Blair.

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