Americans Rooting For Our Soldiers To Die?

Some Americans Root For Our Soldiers To Die?: So I’m reading Rachael Lucas’s excellent blog and I run across a link to a left-wing blog that has a particularly offensive post on it.

The blog is called the The One True B!x. This guy is some lefty from Oregon and he makes it pretty clear that he’s rooting for American soldiers to die. Here’s what he has to say…

“Look, people. Get it through those skulls which have calcified so much that they have crushed your grey matter. Soldiers do not exist only to kill. They exist to die. They exist to die to preserve, protect, and defend the ideals for which America supposedly stands.

Soldiers are fodder. Soldiers are dispensable. One American soldier — whose mission it is to go out and deprive other people of their lives — is not worth more than an Afghan civilian.

Dimwitted pundits need to understand this. Politicians need to understand this. Military leaders need to understand this. And the American people need to understand this.

In wars, people die. Better by far that if people need to die, it is the people trained to murder and destroy, than the people caught in the middle.”

I see — he thinks American soldiers are “fodder” who “exist to die.” I really wish that I thought this kook was alone in his views. But unfortunately, there are plenty of lefties out there who I’m sure agree with him. I imagine that the members of the Democratic Underground who think America “deserved 9/11” probably aren’t very concerned about the lives of American soldiers either. I mean if you think a bunch business people just doing their jobs deserve to die, I can’t imagine you’d look at US soldiers that much differently. To be honest, I’m more sad than angry to see certain sectors of the American left stooping to this level. I may be a big fan of FDR or Kennedy, but at least both of them were strongly behind the people out there defending our freedom.

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