An Anti-AIDS Ad Or An Accidental Pro-Nazi Ad?

An Anti-AIDS Ad Or A Pro-Nazi Ad?

This is one of the most unintentionally funny advertisements that I’ve ever seen. It’s supposed to be some sort of anti-Aids “You’re worse than Hitler if you don’t use a condom” thing, but that’s not the message I get out of it:

There are HIV/Aids charities protesting this video, but for all the wrong reasons:

“Of course there are many HIV organisations that run their own campaigns, however I think the advert is incredibly stigmatising to people living with HIV who already face much stigma and discrimination due to ignorance about the virus,” a spokeswoman for the National AIDS Trust, which co-ordinates World Aids Day in Britain, said.

“On top of this it fails to provide any kind of actual prevention message (e.g. use a condom) and may deter people to come forward for testing.
“The advert is also inaccurate because in the UK thanks to treatment HIV is a manageable condition that does not necessary lead to AIDS.”

Really? That’s your beef with the video? Here’s what I am seeing…

A young couple is making out:

Hitler making out

The girl is smoking hot:

Hitler's girlfriend

The couple is going at it like pr0n stars.

Hitler Sex

Wow, wonder who the lucky guy is?


That’s right. The man having wild passionate sex with this gorgeous woman is noneother than…Adolph Hitler — with an evil leer on his face, no less! They should have called the commercial: “Evil Pays!” Yet, some how the takeaway from all this is supposed to be: Use a condom or you could give somebody AIDS, which would make you like Hitler.

However, I think the message that comes across is something more like, “[email protected], that Hitler scores all the chicks!” In fact, you could probably take the ad, do nothing but change the words displaying at the very end of the ad, and the Nazi Party could run it as a campaign commercial….and no wonder.

There is an easy to follow pattern in advertising. Guy you are supposed to sympathize with + hot girl + sexual situation =’s buy product. They got cute, stuck Hitler in the “guy you are supposed to sympathize with slot,” and ended up accidentally making a pro-Hitler commercial. It would be funny if it wasn’t so stupid. Wait, that’s wrong. Actually, it’s so stupid that it is actually funny.

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