An Email about Canadian Health Care

I’m so tired of everyone saying Canadian Healthcare is great. Here is an email I received from a friend who wanted to find a family doctor for his girlfriend.

“Anyhow my girlfriend has been looking for a doctor for a few months now..You go to a clinic or a hospital and you ask for a list of doctors accepting patients. What kind of government bureaucracy can not keep tabs on that.. well they managed to screw it up..most of the people on the list were no longer accepting patients or could only book you in a few months a head of time. There were 20+ names on the list serving a population of 400,000. As of 5 months I am still looking for a very simple thing. a women doctor who is within 45 minutes drive of a major population center that I can book an appointment for my GF this month.. Not hard at all..”

Coming to a town near you!

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