An Exclusive Statement From Phil Kerpen, Director Of Policy For Americans For Prosperity, On MSNBC’s Attacks Against AFP

My boss, AFP President Tim Phillips, did a great job staying above the fray in the face of ad hominem attacks from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow last night and pointing out that the left’s obsession with such personal attacks is only encouraging the public to turn against their radical plans for a Washington takeover of health care.

The accusation that somehow we are a front for big corporate interests was especially ironic because it came in between commercial breaks that played the infamous Harry and Louise ad paid for by PhRMA–the big pharmaceutical companies–that SUPPORTS ObamaCare.

The big insurance companies are busy supporting a Massachusetts-style plan that combines expensive regulations with mandates on employers or individuals that will force people to buy their products.

The grassroots uprising we are seeing across the country is necessarily genuine because all of the special interests are lined up on the other side. Moreover, there is more than a little irony seeing the “manufactured anger” talking point itself be manufactured, starting with Soros-funded ThinkProgress mis-attributing a memo written by a single individual in Connecticut (a non-AFP member in an AFP nonchapter state) to AFP, that story being circulated by the DNC and then picked up by every left-of-center media outlet and Democratic politician.

We would rather debate the merits of a Washington health care takeover than talk about who gets funded from whom, but if MSNBC wants to play that game, then it’s worth pointing out that their parent company, General Electric, is second only to AIG in bailout assistance. General Electric has a blanket federal guarantee of its debt through the FDIC’s Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program, exploiting what the Washington Post called a “loophole.”

Phil Kerpen is the director of policy for Americans For Prosperity. (Hawkins’ Note: I’m a big fan of AFP and not just because they’re once again having me at their RightOnline conference in Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks. They do great work helping the conservative grassroots and that’s why I invited Phil Kerpen to respond to MSNBC’s allegations here. PS: I wish they were half as well funded and all-powerful as the liberals are making them out to be. It would be good news for our side if that were true.)

Update #1: More from Phil Kerpen.

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