An Open Letter To Ace: Join The Liberal Media’s Pet Republican Club

Ace from Ace of Spades HQ was pretty tough on Sarah Palin after she announced that she was going to resign and quite naturally, he took a lot of flack over it from his commenters.

Well, that led to David Frum, who left National Review and became a squish to try to get attention from the Left, officially inducting Ace into the Liberal Media’s Pet Republican Club,

The issue: the Ace blogger resented being “lumped in with David Frum.” Alas for him, his critics were completely justified. His post July 3 reactions to Sarah Palin did indeed reprise and amplify the kinds of things I’ve been saying over the past 18 months.

I am really tired of being slammed for being the guy who doesn’t just want to go along with silly fantasies and dreams because they’re pleasant… I’m sick to death of being told that my addiction to reality and aversion to fantasy is somehow cowardly or defeatist or lacking in virtue.

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Sorry Ace, it’s inescapable: You’re lumped.

So let me give some advice to the Ace blogger, elitist to elitist: don’t be frightened, don’t complain, and don’t get weary. It’s going to be a long struggle to renew conservatism and the Republican party, but the alternatives are worse: marginalization, defeat, and the continuing drift of the country in wrong and dangerous directions. Rediscovering responsible and effective politics will require a lot of relearning from all of us, but everybody should be welcome who wishes to contribute to the project of reform.

Your invitation to the next cocktail party is in the mail.

Heh. Heh. Heh. The “Ace blogger?” Somehow, that reminds me of Ted Stevens’ “series of tubes.”

But, I have to tell you, despite the fact that you’re really a diehard conservative, this might be a great opportunity for you, Ace. You ever seen a TV show or a movie where the good guy pretends to go bad so he can get into the group, find out what’s going on, and sabotage them from the inside? This is your chance to go undercover cop on the squish set!

Come on, Ace, you can do it! Frum is inviting you in! Take him up on it! Go to some cocktail parties with him, Peggy Noonan, and Kathleen Parker! Try to score with Meghan McCain. Find out what the people at the Atlantic and the Daily Beast talk about behind the scenes. Find out which McCain aides are ripping Sarah Palin. See if David Brooks will let you leave your hand on his inner thigh for an entire dinner (Okay, I was kidding on that one.)

Then, when you finally get your first invitation to write a Newsweek cover story, New York Times Op-Ed, or appear on Olbermann to talk about how you’re just a typical Republican who hates everything Republicans stand for, you can reveal the truth and humiliate them. It would be awesome!

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