An Open Letter To Black Americans About The Republican Party

If you’re black and you’re conservative, you belong in the Republican Party — period, end of story. If you’re black and you’re moderate, you should be at least considering voting for the Republican Party.

That’s how it should be, but it doesn’t happen, does it? A tiny percentage of black Americans, maybe one in ten max, vote Republican and the rest of black Americans vote Democrat.

Why is that? Part of it is because a lot of black Americans are liberal. Republicans are never going to reach liberals.

However, if you’re black and moderate or conservative and you’re not voting Republican, ask yourself why that is. What I’ve been told privately is that black Americans think Republicans are racist. They also mistakenly believe that they aren’t welcome in the Republican Party.

Are there racists in the Republicans party? Sure, but no more than you’ll find in the Democratic Party. So, why are Republicans being constantly accused of racism? It’s a political strategy. If black Americans weren’t convinced that the GOP was racist, they’d probably break 70/30 or even 60/40 for the Democrats instead of 90/10 and that would be devastating to the left. That’s why the Democrats are desperate to shout “racism” at every opportunity. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or false because the political stakes are so high for the left.

But, if that’s true, why do you see so few black Republican politicians? Why do you see so few black Americans at Republican rallies? Why don’t Republicans spend more time in the black community? Well, what are we supposed to do? Grab black people off the street and force them to come to the Republican National Convention, run for office, and show up when Republicans come calling in their communities?

Republican hands are out and have been for a long time. But, it’s a Catch-22. We want more black Americans running for office. But, you’re not going to see more black Republicans running for office unless there are more black Republicans. You’re not going to see more black faces at Republican events unless there are more black Americans in the GOP. The GOP could use some fresh, bold ideas for reaching out to black Americans. However, many of the people who are going to be best at coming up with those bold, fresh ideas are black Americans who falsely believe they’re unwelome in the party.

So, if you agree with Republicans on the issues, why not show up at a GOP meeting? Then you can find out for yourself if all those Democrats who say Republicans are racist are right. My best guess is that the worst problem a black man would have at a Republican Party function would be embarrassment at how overly nice all the white people — who were thrilled to see a black face — were being to him.

If that’s not true, and Republicans are really as racist as the Democrats say, show up and prove me wrong. Then, when Democrats claim Republicans hate black people, you can actually say, “I went to a Republican Party meeting and they were all a bunch of jerks to me because I was black.” Of course, if I’m not wrong, and you find that Republicans aren’t a bunch of racists, then you have a challenge in front of you. Do you keep supporting a party that represents your beliefs or do you let the Democrats continue to control which party you are allowed to support?

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