An Open Letter To The GOP In The House: Go For The Throat On Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi is lying about the CIA and everyone knows it. Democrats know it, Republicans know it, the media knows it — anyone who has followed the story at all knows it.

Because she doesn’t want to admit the obvious truth, that she knew we were waterboarding terrorists back in 2002 and had no problem with it, she’s created this fantastic story where the CIA was misleading her about what was going on.

Worse yet, she isn’t just lying about politics, she’s targeted members of the CIA, who were just doing their jobs, as fall guys for her transparent lies.

The GOP needs to start going for the throat on this story. Videos like this one are a good start,

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However, the GOP needs to really turn up the heat. Each day, another prominent Republican or two in the House should call for Nancy Pelosi to resign. Make this a daily talking point. Drive her approval rating down even lower. Make the Democrats defend her lies. Drag this story out as long as possible.

In other words, for the first time in years, it would be nice to see some Republicans in Congress display a little killer instinct. C’mon, put Nancy’s scalp on your belt and then start looking for more Democrats to take out. They did it to you. Ask Tom DeLay about it. Do it to them. Show some heart and start acting like you want to win elections again!

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