Another Case of Stupidness–Thankfully No One Is Responsible

Stupid man meets nature:

A young man’s irresponsible bravado nearly cost a young girl her life Saturday afternoon.

The 16-year-old girl was mauled by a cougar and rushed to the hospital after she and 21-year-old Anthony Zitnick illegally entered a wildlife collector’s home about 1:30 p.m. Neighbors believe Zitnick was trying to impress the younger girl.

Richard Miralles, a neighbor familiar with Rigerman’s large cats, heard the girl’s piercing scream from next door.

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‘I heard her scream, `I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die,’ ” he said, hours after paramedics had left.

Miralles said he immediately dropped what he was doing, jumped his six-foot fence, and barged into Rigerman’s back room — only to find the girl pinned beneath Chaos, her head in his mouth and his large declawed paw on her face. Zitnick was standing nearby in shock, Miralles said.

At first, Miralles said, he tried to push Chaos off, but he wouldn’t budge. He then resorted to punching and kicking the cougar, who quickly balled up in a corner, he said.

Miralles then picked up the girl, who was bleeding profusely from her head and thigh, and ran outside to wait for an ambulance.

This guy was an idiot. The girl was dumb for following him. But you know who are complete morons? The commenters who are saying that people shouldn’t have animals like this at home.

How about a person should break into someone’s house? How about not breaking the law? The cat owner followed the rules. The 21 year old man broke and entered and it’s too bad HE wasn’t the one attacked. Instead he stood there while his girlfriend was mauled. Throw the book at him, I say.

It is called personal responsibility, people. See this? See why our culture is on a one-way high-speed trip to oblivion? People who buy too much house aren’t responsible. Banks who loan money to stupid people aren’t responsible. Money men trying to make a quick buck aren’t responsible. Union leaders who push for low productivity expectations coupled with huge benefits and wages aren’t responsible. Automobile executives who have horrible business practices aren’t responsible. Big business isn’t responsible. Parents who let their kids play next to the edges of mountains aren’t responsible.

No one is responsible anymore. And the few who are, are paying for the rest who aren’t. So why be responsible?

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