Applause: Not One Republican Votes For The Budget

When every last House member voted against the stimulus package, I wrote a post called, Rarely Do I Say This, But I Am Proud Of The Republican Party Today..”

Well today, I’m even prouder, because every Republican in the House AND the Senate voted against Obama’s budget, which is the most grievous attack on America’s children since Roe v. Wade. Barack Obama is sacrificing the future of this country’s children on the altar of sheer incompetence and a desire to reward his political supporters — and not a single Republican stood with him while he did it,

Congressional Democrats overwhelmingly embraced President Obama’s ambitious and expensive agenda for the nation yesterday, endorsing a $3.5 trillion spending plan that sets the stage for the president to pursue his most far-reaching priorities.

Voting along party lines, the House and Senate approved budget blueprints that would trim Obama’s spending proposals for the fiscal year that begins in October and curtail his plans to cut taxes. The blueprints, however, would permit work to begin on the central goals of Obama’s presidency: an expansion of health-care coverage for the uninsured, more money for college loans and a cap-and-trade system to reduce gases that contribute to global warming.

…Republicans blasted the Democratic budget as a reckless manifesto that would greatly expand the size of government and double the national debt within five years. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said he feared the consequences of a budget that “calls for a dramatic and potentially irreversible shift of our nation to the left in the areas of health care, education and private enterprise.”

…The House voted 233 to 196 to support the Democratic budget proposal, with just 20 Democrats voting with Republicans in opposition. The Senate approved its blueprint 55 to 43, with all but two Democrats voting yes.

Unfortunately, even with all the Republicans voting against this budget, it only takes 51 votes to pass it in the Senate and so it was practically foreordained to pass.

What are the consequences of it passing? Let me be absolutely frank: unless what Obama has done is reversed, this country’s best days are probably behind us and our children will grow up without the same opportunities we’ve had in our lives. Even if we had a President who hated this country and wanted nothing more than to see us utterly ruined, he wouldn’t be capable of doing much more damage than Obama.

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