Arafat Sues Bin Laden for Trademark Infringement

Arafat Sues Bin Laden for Trademark Infringement: Yassir Arafat this week told Usama Bin Laden to stop using the Palestinian cause as a reason for his terror attacks against the West. The Palestinian leader said Mr. Bin Laden tried to “piggy-back” upon the prestige and credibility of the Palestinian brand of terror.

Mr. Arafat’s attorney said his client will file a trademark infringement lawsuit against al Qaeda, Mr. Bin Laden and “several guys whose names start with ‘Prince’.”

“The suicide bomber is to Palestine what the Golden Arches are to McDonald’s,” said the attorney. “It took my client many years to build a reputation in this niche market. When someone else blows up unarmed non-combatants, that infringes on my client’s business. People who are riding buses, shopping or working peacefully in their offices have a right to know why they might suddenly be shredded by shrapnel. ”

Al Qaeda marketing director Ali Abdomen Demolisha said, “Brother Arafat thinks he owns this business because he’s been at it so long. But we are like Avis rental car…we are number two, so we try harder…Hey, I have made humor. Avis…ha, ha…that’s better name for our business than al Qaeda.”

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