Archbishop George Niederauer Wins Pink Brick

Congratulations to Archbishop George Niederauer, who beat out Carrie Prejean to win the coveted Pink Brick award, which was granted by militant homosexuals who continue to throw tantrums over the passage of Prop 8, banning the sacrilege of homosexual “marriage”:

At the urging of a member of Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee has voted to dishonor Archbishop George Niederauer with a “Pink Brick” award for causing “significant harm to the LGBT community.”

The decision was spurred by Matt Dorsey, a member of the Parish Council at San Francisco’s ‘gay friendly’ Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church. …

Archbishop Niederauer was singled out for his support last year of Proposition 8, the successful initiative constitutional amendment adopted by voters restricting marriage to between one man and one woman and later upheld by the California Supreme Court. “We hope that with this Pink Brick, we can educate the community about Archbishop Niederauer’s work to deny LGBT couples equal protection under the law,” Mikayla Connell, president of the Pride Celebration Committee told the Reporter. “Archbishop Niederauer’s support of Proposition 8, which is not representative of all faith communities or even of all Catholics, has only served to harm LGBT families, many of whom are Catholic themselves.”

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If you can even begin to get your head around the concept of Catholic lesbian-gay-bisexual-transvestite “families,” you shouldn’t have taken that extra hit of LSD.

Niederauer stands accused of being “divisive” and “hurtful” for not turning against the Vatican and making a depraved farce of his own religion. Worse yet, he is said to have conspired with Mormons to work against the mainstreaming of homosexual depravity. Apparently it’s not enough that Niederauer once gave holy communion to a pair of transvestites dressed up as nuns.

Hopefully someone will learn a lesson about letting militant perverts infiltrate parish councils.

Niederauer’s LGBT communion.

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