Ark. Democrat Hides Behind Sick Kids to Stop Townhall Protests

Congressman Vic Snyder (D, Ark.) has in the past claimed that he is braver than his opponents because he has the back bone to face the hard questions in open debate. But that was before Obamacare came along. Now, Snyder is hiding behind sick kids at a local hospital where he is holding a townhall meeting. Snyder is telling opponents of Obamacare that an “angry protest” would not be appropriate at a hospital where sick kids are being treated. So why hold a townhall there in the first place? Perhaps for the very reason that he can eliminate opposing views because it’s “for the kids”?

Kenneth Wallis is reporting that Congressman Snyder has set up a townhall meeting at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. The radio commercials advertising the open-to-the-public event stated that the event was starting at 2PM, but Wallis called the hospital and was told the time was changed to 1PM. No reason for the abrupt time change was given.

Wallis was also told by a Bonnie from Ark. Children’s Hospital that a “protest in anger” is not appropriate at a children’s hospital where sick kids are undergoing treatment.

So, the question becomes, why is Congressman Snyder hiding behind sick kids? It is a pretty interesting way to shut down any opposing views to say that the “sick kids” would be upset by protests at Snyder’s townhall, isn’t it? And, if Snyder knows that there are people that want to oppose his vote for Obamacare, why doesn’t he have the back bone to face his own constituents?

In fact, Wallis reminds us all that Snyder was not long ago patting himself on the back for being brave enough to want an open debate on cap and tax. His offer of an open debate was refused at that time and he didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to puff himself up saying, “My good friends couldn’t find the time. Apparently, they’re afraid of me.”

And now Snyder the brave debater is hiding behind sick kids and saying it’s not appropriate to have a no-holds-barred debate on Obamacare at his townhall meeting?

The brave, brave Snyder cowering behind sick kids? Maybe he is afraid of us.

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