At The Right Online Conference In Pittsburgh

I’m at the Right Online Conference in Pittsburgh today and tomorrow — so’s Melissa Clouthier. I meant to post about this last night before I left, but I got behind schedule and wanted to make sure that I got at least 7 hours sleep before I drove. That’s right; I drove from the Carolina coast to Pittsburgh. That’s about 12 hours. I did that partially because I hate flying and partially because I thought it would be a good time to do some thinking. A drive that long isn’t something I’d normally do, but once in awhile, it’s not a bad idea.

On the drive here, I hit big traffic in Raleigh around 8 AM and then got lost for 30 minutes due to the street signs conflicting with Google M– aps. Then, it was mostly a straight shot into Pittsburgh, through the mountains of West Virginia — spent a lot of time on a highway named for Robert Byrd in that state — also saw a lot of “Men Working” signs with no men actually working. In Virginia and West Virginia, there must have been a hundred miles worth of “Men Working” signs and maybe a mile’s worth of men working.

Then, once I got to Pittsburgh, Google Maps’ biggest flaw killed me: it doesn’t up one way streets in the city. I had the exact same problem when I used it in DC. You come to your turn and you can’t go that way. Then you go to the next street and you still can’t turn. Finally, you get to the street you are supposed to be going down and you can’t turn that way either. Meanwhile, you are in a strange city and traffic is insane. Incidentally, all the traffic in Pittsburgh reminded me of one of the reasons I was so happy to move out of the DC area.

Anyway, I am here and I’ll be on the panel opening up the conference. I will also be back home Sunday night. That means things should be back to normal on Monday. In the interim, I have guest bloggers although they haven’t all posted yet today.

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