Attention David Frum: Wait Until The Patient Is Dead To Do The Postmortem

Here’s the thing about so-called “Moderates”: they have no loyalty to any ideal but pragmatism. And pragmatism is defined as “what’s good for me.”

The latest ostensible voice of reason is moderate pragmatist David Frum. He is full of artful, empty prose. In a nutshell, McCain will lose. It is Palin’s fault. Stop spending money on McCain. Spend more on the Senate races.

Today, more wisdom poured forth if only the ignant masses would listen.

David Frum misses something simple:

The time to do postmortems is after the patient dies. The patient is not dead yet. It does not help a moderate Republican get elected when moderate Republicans cut the legs out from under the campaign on the home stretch.

Fiscal conservatives and libertarian Republicans have shown immense restraint this election season. John McCain was not their first, second or third choice. And yet, many soldier on because John McCain is a good man. He has served his country with honor. He will care for the soldiers and finish the battles in Iraq and Afghanistan with foresight. He actually tried to address the Fanny-Freddie mess and saw the problem ahead of time. John McCain is a far better choice than the liberal Barack Obama. That is an understatement.

And yet, guys like Mr. Frum seem to see no ethical problem with opining about building “from the ashes” the new Republican party. Well, newsflash Washington insiders, there aren’t ashes yet. Rather than addressing ideas for rebuilding the party, wait until the patient is dead.

Far from being consumed by an out-pouring of adoring love for the Republican party, the critics seem to be craven opportunists carving out safe real estate because things don’t look great for the home team. Not one of the moderates have articulated a case for Barack Obama. Rather, they’ve all parroted the trendy anti-Palin response: Quelle horreur! Palin est trés gauche!

The people paying the bills–rank and file Republicans–see these actions as more of the same problems that have plagued Congress and Washington DC in general. It is insulting enough to take cheap shots from the media and the left, but to take them from one’s own team on the eve of such a pivotal and important election, is, well, outrageous.

The election is by no means over. It isn’t helpful to have Moderates throw in the towel reminiscent of Congressional Democrats on the Iraq War. The Moderate Republicans seem a little too eager to have the Republican Party lose.

Restraint, Mr. Frum, show some. There will be plenty of time to figure out how to fix the party after this election is finished. And who knows? If McCain wins, he just may be inviting some of those loyal beer guzzlin’, gun-totin’, Bible-clingin’ Palin-lovers, to the White House. You might even have to sit next to one some time. Quel dommage!

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