Back To School Barack: Learn To Act Presidential 101

For a big man, President Barack Obama sure has a small man’s complex. The Anchoress has written repeatedly about Barack Obama’s smallness, his “lack of generosity”. Here she says about Obama’s treatment of the Iraqi voting triumph:

How awful and really sad, and incredibly childish, to think you can only be proud of your country – or happy for these people – when the the “correct” party is in power. And even more childish and small and petty not to congratulate the troops who liberated these people, because it might make their CIC look good. Small, petty, narrow. Ungenerous. I’ve noted that before in our new president. Ungracious and Ungenerous ads up to “insecure.” And clearly his press suffers from insecurity, too.

Insecurity, indeed. What would possess the President of the United States to even spend 30 seconds talking to a reporter about Jessica Simpson’s weight? How old is Barack Obama? 15? His behavior is embarrassing and low and beneath his office.

More than that, while he’s yucking it up with Matt Lauer, the people of the midwest freeze without electricity and Barack Obama doesn’t even acknowledge their suffering. Instead he eats steak and watches the Superbowl. He has yet to visit the area. FEMA has yet to respond adequately.

Forget these symbolic gestures. It’s his real choices that demonstrate his smallness. He has surrounded himself with bland yes-men at every turn. First, it was Biden as Vice President. The latest is Tom Daschle at Health and Human Services. Mickey Kaus says:

Mickey’s Assignment Desk: Wherein lies the greatness of Tom Daschle? Just asking! … P.S. He’s always seemed to me the model of the modern Senate Majority Leader–i.e., the 50+ prima donnas that make up a majority don’t want a strong leader who might crowd their games, so they wind up with a Daschle, an amiable man who will not challenge them. …12:11 P.M.

So not only is President Obama acting immature, he’s surrounding himself with people who won’t challenge his wrong thinking and acting. That’s just great.

President Barack Obama is not acting like the leader of the free world. He’s acting like a kid who snuck into the White House and is playing pretend behind the big desk. Time to pinch yourself, President Obama, you’re really there and your words, actions and attitude matters.

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