‘Baghdad’ Jim’s Rampage Continues

‘Baghdad’ Jim’s Rampage Continues: Fresh off of doing his best to prop up the regime of psychopathic dictator Saddam Hussein, “Baghdad” Jim McDermott is back and sounding loonier than some of the people in our ACPOTI section…

“And what we are dealing with right now in this country is whether we are having a kind of bloodless, silent coup or not….This president is trying to bring to himself all the power to become an emperor – to create Empire America. If you go along like sheep that is what will happen….People that I trust say if we don’t derail this coup that is going on, we are going to wind up with a government run by the president of the United States and all the rest of us will be standing around just watching it happen”

Keep in mind that the person claiming that Bush is going take over America in a “bloodless coup” and create an ’empire’ is not an 18 year old college student who has been brainwashed by Noam Chomsky, but a US CONGRESSMAN.

The reply to this lunacy by State Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance was pretty good however, “If President Bush is engaged in a coup then his co-conspirators are Richard Gephardt and Joseph Lieberman.”

That was too funny….but wait, there’s more from ‘Baghdad’ Jim…

“One of the dilemmas we’ve had since 9/11 is that this country has been continuously terrorized by the government. Every week they announce a new threat. Today is a code orange. Today is a code red.”

Notice that he doesn’t think it’s the TERRORISTS who are terrorizing us, it’s the BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

So here we have a US Congressman who’s apparently not the least bit worried about Saddam or terrorists, but who’s terrified of the Bush administration. Again, you just have to wonder which side this guy is on. Moreover, is someone with this sort of tenuous grip on reality fit to be a Congressman? Out of the 250 million + people in the US, can’t the Democrats find one who’s more qualified to be a Congressman than this guy?

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