Barack Obama Coins, Like The Man Himself, Are A Fraud

Have you seen the Barack Obama coins, which are being hawked by none other than Montel Williams, and are from the very official sounding U.S. Coin Network? Those coins?

Obama coins

Well, if you bought that coin set for $19.95, congratulations because you just bought $2 worth of US coins with Barack Obama stickers on the front.

Moreover, that 60-day money back guarantee they mention? Judging by this video, which features a guy who bought four sets being told he couldn’t cancel his order until he received them all, it doesn’t sound so easy to get your money back.

Of course, now the question is: is this rip-off more symbolic of the stimulus package, which practically sells our children into indentured servitude in order to dole out pork to Democratic interest groups or is it more symbolic of Obama himself?

I’m going to say Obama himself, because he’s nothing but the same old ideas that have been pimped by everyone from Vladimir Lenin to Jimmy Carter to Ted Kennedy — but, in a different package. Sure, they all hate capitalism, want to nationalize industries and socialize the country, but Barack Obama is young, attractive, black — so he’s nothing like those other guys! Please. The bipartisan, I want to unite the country, the world will love us, pretend-moderate guy who ran against John McCain is even more of a fraud than those coins and it will cost every American a hell of a lot more than $19.95 to find out that they got scammed.

Hat tip to Sweetness & Light for the story.

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