Barack Obama: Did He Murder & Rape A Young Girl In 1990?

The latest tactic in the left-wing smear campaign against Glenn Beck has been accusing him of rape. No, really

The attack on Glenn Beck continues by the internet crowd calling for a boycott of Beck’s advertisers. Can we now boycott the internet for making false accusations? The accusation that “Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990” has apparently gone… well, viral. A whole website has sprung up because of it. Warning: Not Safe For Work.

In the age of the internet false accusations are common. Glenn Beck has yet to respond to the “Claims”. (Can you blame him?) A claim that is being made on the I-report feature of CNN’s website. CNN is probably loving the traffic that it is receiving to its “unedited, unfiltered” news site. Glenn Beck formally hosted a show on CNN before moving to Fox News. Nobody seemed to mind him when he was on CNN.

Internet, user driven reporting is the future of the news media. Incidents like this one, sets back the progress a good 100%, as this will not be the first “viral” joke. Sure enough many of the visitors here will be arriving because they are actually wondering if Glenn Beck actually committed this crime. No, of course he did not.

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What evidence is there that Glenn Beck raped someone? Well, there’s a “police report” that has been released and has shown up everywhere from Reddit, to the Daily Kos, to the Democratic Underground among other places (No links. I am not going to help them buff up the Google placement of the story).

Glenn Beck: Rape

The whole point here is to simply repeat the words “rape,” “murder,” and “Glenn Beck” enough so that people who don’t pay attention will falsely associate them — and the only piece of “evidence” presented has been a “police report” with unknown origins.

Of course, no one could ever just create a police report from scratch or alter one to put someone else’s name in — or, so you would think. That sort of bad information on the internet? That’s just crazy!

However, bizarre as it may seem, I have a secret anonymous source who certainly has no grudge against the Democrats and that person tells me Glenn Beck’s name WAS NOT the original name on that police report. Actually, the name on that report was someone a little more famous and this campaign is obviously designed to throw people off the track. Who is it, you may ask? Well, take a look at this piece of iron clad evidence:

Barack Obama raped a girl

Some of you may say simply posting this graphic from an anonymous source, without even having seen the original is unethical and could falsely smear Barack Obama as a rapist. However, I would point you to legendary CBS newsman, Dan Rather, who followed exactly that course in bringing to light the “Bush was AWOL” documents. Look, I don’t write the standards for the mainstream media, I just live up to them! Of course, on second thought, those documents did turn out to be fake and maybe, just maybe, this is all just a deception within a deception, designed to frame Glenn Beck and Barack Obama for someone else’s crime:

Bill Clinton. Rape.

PS: This better not end up on Infowars or some other kook website as “proof” that Bill Clinton or Barack Obama raped someone. Don’t even try it, wackos!

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