Barack Obama’s Friends & Beliefs

Sorry to beat the drum, but Bill Ayers and Barack Obama are good friends. Period. Here’s more from a victim of Ayers:

One thing that strikes me with all this, is that with the cacophony of news and the news cycle, it’s impossible to keep everything straight. This clip was five months ago. Since Barack Obama seems to want to obfuscate and disavow his relationships with all these people, I thought I’d put his friends together in one post.

Here’s Jeremiah Wright who married Barack Obama, who baptized his children and has been Obama’s “mentor”:

Here’s Franklin Raines, Barack Obama’s financial adviser to the campaign. If you’ll recall, he was the CEO of Freddie Mac who raked in over $90 million (this video is rough, but informative):

And here are the Republicans seeking to better regulate Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae. You’ll also see prominent Democrats who are calling the firing of Franklin Raines a “lynching”.

Obama wasn’t in the United States Senate to have much of a record. His record in Illinois was liberal and par for the Chicago machine. And here, Obama is taken to task for his views on infanticide and why valuing innocent life is important in principle and how it will affect other decisions:

Barack and Michelle Obama talk about pie-sharing, spreading the wealth and “neighborliness”:

This election is about a couple things: the economy and judgment. On both accounts, Barack Obama has the instincts of a secular socialist. He has the friends of a still true-blue radical. And I think Biden is right: Barack Obama will be tested to see what he’s made of. Americans can’t say they didn’t know.

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