Being President Is A Tough Job & Who Cares About Staffers?

Good grief! President Barack Obama takes the mantel of the American presidency and suddenly it dawns on him and the press that it’s a “grueling” job and grueling for the staff, too? Where’s my violin when I need it?

What a bunch of pansy asses. Of course the job is tough. There are like, you know, lots of responsibilities, when you’re like, so totally the President and you know, leader of the free world. Like, duh! It’s also, I mean, seriously, tough to work, in such, freaking pressured-filled support roles.

See, being President is rigorous. Every moment is scheduled. All the decisions have potentially profound consequences. Words matter. Actions matter. Protocol matters. Precedent matters. Staff matters.

And you know what? No one wants to hear about how tough the job is. You wanted it. You got it. It makes you sound weak when you’re pissing and moaning five minutes into the job about how tough it is.

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The whining also makes America sound weak. We’re not. While the relentless travel schedule, jet lag, weird food, strange customs, incessant coverage, arcane rules, tiresome protocols are no-doubt arduous, it’s embarrassing to hear you you complain about them. You wanted the job. There are people who would love to be tired from their work–if they could find a job.

Man up. Try to find some sort of dignified stiff upper lip. And then spare us your kvetching over your self-induced misery. It smacks of ingratitude and incompetence. Only six months in. Only six months in.

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