Best Conservative Politicians On Twitter

The thing that struck me coming up with this list is that it’s woefully short. Here’s my list, though:

@JimDeMint–Senator DeMint knows engagement. He mixes helpful links with the personal. He’s doing a good job.

@KarlRove–This man is a machine. He has embraced the Twitter technology. He joined Twitter a couple weeks ago, but got into the spirit of things. He follows back. He engages. He takes pictures to show you what he’s doing. He’s getting it. My only regret is that he didn’t get it sooner.

@MichaelSteele–Well, he’s on Twitter and sees the importance, he’s just not saying much. Seems like he’s got a new page, so maybe he’ll get up and running here soon.

@SaulAnuzis–The Michigan Republican Chairman gets technology. He is personable, engaging and shares information. He joins the conversation. It will be good to have him at the RNC.

@JohnCulberson–He is The Bomb on Twitter. He is also a Congressman from Houston. Engaging, informative, and chatty, he gets the technology. His personality shines through his Twitter account.

@TomCoburn–The Medical Doctor from Oklahoma unfollowed me on Twitter last week, but that won’t stop me from including him on this list. Unlike the other guys here, he is choosy about who he follows. I think that’s a strategic error on his part. Twitter is meant to be include big circles of influence. As a U.S. Senator, he has a big circle.

@MichaelWilliams –Michael Williams is the Texas Railroad Commissioner and he is a star, baby. He also gets it when it comes to new media. He’s on Twitter. Share’s information both personal and political. I hope he gets elected to the U.S. Senate–our side needs him. He’s fantastic.

From readers and/or followers Updated:


@mymanmitch (Governor of Indiana)
@governorperry (Texas)

It’s heartening that there are some Right-leaning politicians that are getting this. It’s time. Social media is free, open, and the politician controls his message. He can reach thousands of people every single day. He can connect to his constituents. He can build relationships with those who want to support him in his mission.

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