Bill Frist — Is He A Jerk For Saving Lives?

Bill Frist — Is He A Jerk For Saving Lives?: Our new Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist, stopped to help some accident victims who were thrown from their vehicle yesterday…

“Capt. Ken Kronheim of the Broward County Fire and Rescue Department said Frist, a second-term Tennessee Republican, stopped to help six people ejected from their Isuzu sport utility vehicle when it rolled over after a tire blew out.

“He was instrumental in helping us sort out the critical patients,” Kronheim told CNN

“He helped tremendously,” Tammy Riddle, another Broward County emergency technician who responded to the scene, told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Capt. Jeffrey Andrews said he worked side by side with Frist to help one of the victims resume breathing, but did not recognize him until later.”

My first thought after reading that was, “Wow, that’s pretty impressive. I’m glad we have this guy running the show in the Senate.” But, do you know what my second thought was? “I wonder if the people at the Democratic Underground will criticize Frist for this?” So I headed over to the Democratic Underground to look for venom aimed at Frist because he “helped tremendously” at the scene of an accident…

Glampuss: “Anyone here seen “The Contender”? $20 says this was staged.”

(In another post in the thread) “If they can get away with killing Wellstone Two nobodies should be no sweat for KKKarl Rove and co.”

bowens43: “IF it’s true ( I doubt it) BFD the man is a freaking doctor. that’s what doctors are supposed to do. Of course , being a republican it would be amaing if he did the right .”

Crisco:The Contender” — Sit down and watch that movie, then read this story again.”

karlschneider: “I nominate him for “Emergenc y Surgeon General”….jesus, a couple years ago he supposedly rescued a Capitol cop who had been shot…??? WTF? This guy is really Superman. He miraculously appears whenever someone is injured….gimme a f*ckin’ break..”

Caliphoto “It brings to mind the I Love Lucy show.. know, when Ricky Ricardo was being “discovered” in Hollywood? They kept setting up him up to “save” someone for publicity. I wonder, if you polled all medical people you know, how many have stopped and rendered aid. While it makes a nice, feel-good media story for Frist, it’s by no means unusual. He’s still a liar, a cat-torturer, and killer.”

AngryWhiteLiberal: “It’s SUPER FRIST! Thank God for Super Frist!

“Don’t worry little lady, I’ll save your baby from the burning building!” Exclaimed Super Frist, before his bounding into the sky.

“Boy! That Super Frist really is cool…hunh, Dad?” Said a young spectator boy.

“You betcha’ son. Why I think Super Frist is swell…thank God, he’s on OUR side.” Winked the dad.


So yes, not only can they criticize him for saving lives, but some of them even think he arranged the accident just so he could stop and render aid =D The Democratic Underground is such a goldmine of left-wing loopiness that I sometimes wonder if they deserve their own section…

***Update***: Two more notable comments from the DU on this subject…

LonghornLiberal: Black op must be suspected This is far too convenient and timely to be coincidence. Check the brake lines and steering linkage of the accident vehicle. And shove that freaking tin hat bull, I’m not a sheeple any more. Frist is a sociopath that needs to be exposed.

outinforce: “Another Case of LIHOP. It was the first thing I thought of. I mean, THINK ABOUT IT, people!

Who benefits from something like this? (Frist + GOP)

Who justm “happened” to be in Miami? (Frist)

No, no, people — there are just too many facts here that point to the unassailable conclusion that Frist/GOP/BFEE Let It Happen On Purpose — or that they MADE it happen on purpose!!!!

And, as far as the two people who died, what makes anyone think that this current evil regime would care about two — or more — people dying, as long as it furthered their evil intentions and designs.

Perhaps someone should start another thread on this”

***Update #2***: More from the DU

grasswire: “I agree that something’s weird……..and I don’t know exactly what it is. But OBVIOUSLY the man is too valuable to humanity be spending his time as a senator. He needs to go back to his stated first love, medicine.

(Altho I wouldn’t let him near anyone I love!)”

jsw_81: “Frist “just happened” to be on the scene during that Capitol shooting rampage a few years ago, too. “

demdem: “A movie called the contender Was about a senator who wanted to be vice president, so he set up an accident were he was supposed to save a lady from a drowning, therefore becoming a hero and being given the Vice presidency. Maybe Frist watched this movie too many times.”

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