Black conservative calls Democrat Party ‘racist’ in new book

I wonder how long it will take partisan critics to dismiss Kevin Jackson‘s ideas because his upbringing was so unusual.

But while Diff’rent Strokes was a silly sitcom, you might say Jackson lived a real-life, "lite" version of the show, and it gave him a truly unique perspective on race and class in America.

An electrical engineer by training, Kevin Jackson is a businessman and (very!) outspoken, sarcastic and politically incorrect blogger and podcaster. He challenges received liberal wisdom and he takes no prisoners.

His brand new book is provocatively titled The Big Black Lie: How I Learned the Truth about the Democrat Party (available at his website.)

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Jackson says, "The Big Black Lie was born out of an outcry of blog readers and radio show listeners, whose comments were the same — ‘You say the things we can’t say.’"

Jackson was kind enough to answer a few interview questions this week via email. Here’s part one of our correspondence…

KS: Can you give me the short version of your eventful and unusual childhood, your education and what you’re doing now?

KEVIN JACKSON:   I was raised by my grandparents after my mother died. My grandparents worked for a wealthy white family, who owned a 25,000 acre cattle ranch near Brady, Texas, which was my home. 

Though we were poor, I viewed wealth beyond my imagination on a daily basis. Essentially the ranch was this family’s private resort. They visited about six times a year, but the resort was sort of mine! We did their shopping and so on, so to people in our small town, we WERE them. And the bills got paid on time, so we were treated like rock stars. 

However, outside of that, I knew poverty. The wealthy family would send me to private school, and being a great student I earned a scholarship to SMU. I graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree, and eventually landed in sales management, which is my career to this day.

KS: Your book reminded me a bit of Rich Dad Poor Dadrich dad poor dad book, in that you lived in two very different worlds. How did this unusual upbringing influence your philosophy? Since most people haven’t lived such experiences, do you think they will balk at accepting your worldview?

KEVIN JACKSON: With respect to influencing my philosophy, my upbringing was monumentally important. Seeing how money "discolored" people in many circumstances was an amazing thing to witness.

As for people balking at my world view, I don’t believe they will. In fact, I believe most people will relate to my assessment of the world, and it will make them more introspective about their own lives. I believe they will be reminded of those "crossroads" in their own lives. Much of my life experiences had nothing to do with racism or classism, just good old-fashioned family values.


KS: A few years ago, Larry Elder also declared that "blacks were more racist than whites." After some controversy, the topic faded away. Do you see critics of liberalism like Elder and yourself making any real headway in changing people’s minds?

KEVIN JACKSON: Elder was right in many respects, however he can lump many white liberals in the same category.  As far as degrees of racism goes, I consider ignorant racists the 2nd worst kind. Blacks (and liberal whites) know little about the history of racism with Democrats, then blindly vote for Democrats.

In the last election, Black Panthers were at polling places intimidating Republicans–the people who freed the slaves, have protected the rights of blacks decades, passing ALL legislation that allowed blacks to vote, to humanize blacks, and to protect blacks. 

If that doesn’t proves the ignorance of blacks in the political discussion, then I don’t know what does.  Just a few decades back it was the Democrat founded organization known as the KKK who was intimidating blacks from voting…overwhelmingly Republican! Talk about the irony.

Then there are the worst racists who know what is happening, yet and they pimp it.  These are the Wrights, Jacksons, Sharptons, Clintons, and the best I have seen to date…the Obamas. They act like they care, and they do…they care about lining their pockets or increasing their power at the expense of the people the claim they wish to help.

I consider these people evil, and they are sociopaths…some even worse.

(In PART TWO of our discussion, Kevin Jackson offers his advice for the Republican Party.)

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