Britain, Guns, And Poetry Writing Thugs

Britain, Guns, And Poetry Writing Thugs: In Britain, guns have been virtually banned.

So that means that makes everyone in Britain is safer right?

No, exactly. You see Britain is a real life example of that old slogan, “if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will own guns.” According to the Online Sun,

“UP to two million guns are on the streets of Britain, official estimates say.

Weapons ranging from .22 rifles to machine guns are freely available on the black market.”

So the criminals have guns and the law-abiding citizens don’t. Luckily, the judges are really tough on those criminals…well not exactly. Take the case of career criminal Mark Patterson…

“A JUDGE was accused of madness last night for freeing a machete-wielding burglar because he writes poems.

Drug addict Mark Patterson, 42, has 31 convictions dating back to 1971 and has been charged with burglary ELEVEN times.

He admitted breaking into a neighbour’s house while she was in hospital. But when Old Bailey Judge Simon Goldstein heard Patterson wanted to get off drugs and become a poet he chose not to lock him up.

He said: “I’m going to take a chance. You have talent.”

…Judge Goldstein QC yesterday freed Patterson – who has been locked up a dozen times for crimes including burglary, heroin possession, assault and robbery – after hearing he was trying to kick drugs and get his verses published.

He said he hoped the poems would be a “path to salvation” and put Patterson on an 18-month drugs treatment and rehabilitation order.

The judge said his previous convictions were classic cases of offences committed under the influence of drugs or to get money to buy drugs.

…The judge insisted it was NOT in the public interest to jail Patterson.

He said at the Old Bailey: “I have to think of the public. If there is a chance homes will not be broken into in future, that’s something we should strive to achieve.

“The motivation for you to succeed under this order is not only what the specialists can do but your absolute desire to try to make a success of your undoubted talent for writing poetry.

“You are already making useful contacts and intend to enrol in a proper course which will help you put into words the natural talent which you have for language.”

With these sorts of gun laws and judges, is it any wonder that,

“(n)ewly released statistics reported October 13th show that since the British government passed one of the most stringent gun bans in the world in 1997, Britain’s murder rate has risen to its highest level since records began being kept 100 years ago.”

There except for the grace of God, the NRA, and 12 years of Reagan/Bush judges goes the United States.

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