Britain’s Slide Into The Politically Correct Abyss Part #8728

Wow. You’ll just have to see it to believe it,

Prison officers have been told not to refer to their charges as “inmates” because it might offend them.

Ministers claim the age-old term is not appropriate if criminals are to be treated with “respect and dignity”.

…Earlier this year prison inspectors at Bullingdon jail in Oxfordshire, said prisoners should be addressed by their first names, given free condoms and be served evening meals later time to stop them feeling hungry in the night.

In 2006, the Chief Inspector of Prisons, Anne Owers, criticised jail staff for calling prisoners “cons”.

Meanwhile in Britain, if you hurt a criminal who breaks into your house and threatens your life, you’re more likely to end up in jail than the crook.

But back to the matter at hand, we certainly wouldn’t want to offend the poor dears in prison for rape, robbery, and murder by calling them something as damaging to their self-esteem as inmates or worse yet, “cons.”

Perhaps we could soften the blow by referring to them as “morality challenged” or “non-lawfully skilled” citizens.

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